Your Hosts

Bernd, Sandra and Pamela all have a hospitality background. Bernd (Sandra’s husband) was born in Stuttgart, graduated from hotel school in Germany and attended a seminar at the Culinary Institute of America. Sandra and her sister Pamela were born in London, grew up in the restaurant and hotel business in England (with detours to Paris.) Prior to owning the Little Inn; their combined careers included working in corporate communications, advertising & marketing, owning a cruise agency, TV production and working for major airlines.

Having travelled extensively to many wonderful parts of the world, the partners decided to combine their mutual experiences and talents to create a ‘unique Cape Cod Bed & Breakfast in Orleans’...A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay.

Pamela, Sandra & Bernd’s vision is to share the natural beauty of Cape Cod. But more importantly, to provide a relaxing and informal environment to enjoy this very beautiful part of New England.

"Midnight Dreams
Some night when the moon rises o’er the bay,
I will snatch a moonbeam and sail away,
To the misty clouds where the stars shine through.
In the glorious heavens of midnight blue
To the winsome land of my dreams..."

- Geneve (Nickerson) Eldredge